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Leicester City overkill

Yes we get it, it's lovely. But can we talk about something else now?

Online petitions

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The new Frozen

Artisan marshmallows


The word “artisan”


Discussing sourdough recipes

You buy it? Might as well wear a Burberry baseball cap

Getting the right shade of fake tan

“Just enough to stop my legs looking like something I dug up”

Travelling off-peak on rural branchline trains


Pointless gadgets made by start-ups

Usually no better than Innovations catalogue stuff

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    Checkout girl vs. customer on mobile phone

    Top marks to the checkout girl

    Taking holidays in other people's houses

    Can't get enough of this

    Salad spinners

    @MartynHett reports a severe shortage on the high street

    Sky Go, the "talking window" technology

    Leave us alone!


    As @Feisty_Onion says, its excellence cannot be overstated

    The fancier the job title, the less fancy the job


    Posting "happy Independence Day to all my American friends" on Facebook

    @samuelpalin says it seems suitably, Britishly self-effacing to congratulate Americans for escaping our yoke

    Who uses Facebook anymore? the thing everyone says while still using Facebook

    John Lewis opening Heathrow shop

    EXCITING. Yes, @heidistephens, it is

    The hashtag #foodporn

    Deplorable, says @LondonWineCirc


    Chattering class: Click one piece of chat, get nine free

    Five-cheese pizza

    Not nice – way too many cheeses, reports @cecimaud


    Being bandied about. Be very wary

    Grayson Perry

    Still our man of the moment

    Complaining about anachronisms in historical TV drama

    @redarsedbaboon reckons this has become a Thing

    Six pounds for a slice of cake at the Queen’s Club tennis, reports @LouiseCroft3

    The Great British Rip-Off continues

    Preparing artichokes

    Far too much bother

    Panicking about tomatoes not growing yet

    Wisdom from @Blonde_M: so long as you’re seeing flowers, they’ll arrive eventually

    Including the word “methinks” when you write something witty

    It wasn’t witty, because you’re terrible, says @rllyquitetired

    Going digital with your recipe journal

    Not acceptable

    Online word verification thingies

    No, @EnglishMum, you're not the only one who can’t do them


    Middle Class Colour Chart: Green


    Chattering class: The small chat in between big discussions

    Pale yellow shorts, apricot polo with green loafers

    Summer version of red trousers; heads up from @Vicky_liddell

    Bite-sized treats

    Unbeatable. Is there a mini version of something we won’t hoover up?


    So simple, so middle Eastern, so healthy, so completely MC

    Should you wave to other drivers of the New Beetle?

    Good question, @matt_davies

    The average adult apparently spends 23 minutes a day eating

    Yeah, right – it’s all you lot ever talk about

    Vaseline? Lard?

    Where next for @heidistephens after buying facecream in Poundland?

    The popping candy/magic food bullshit

    Still doing the rounds. Yawn, says @misskp


    We’re not ready to give it up – contactless and mobile payments just don’t feel trustworthy yet


    A trusty MC veg, now creating more jobs at Maggots Nook Farm. Nice work, beetroot

    Food served on chopping boards

    The thrill was short-lived


    Chattering class: This week’s chat, cut down to size


    Is the correct way to say praline, @namienemki

    Writing “inorite” and “kthxbai”

    Stop it

    Aldi’s own brand tea beats Harrods to become UK favourite

    That’s our Aldi

    Loving the craft beer ponciness, but happily sitting in garden with a four-pack of Stella

    You’re not the only one striking this balance, @SourceDeliPaul

    £2 facecream from Aldi is every bit as good as £20 brands

    Heads up from @heidistephens

    The Lidl one is good too

    Good news from @samaryd


    Having a moment. Has become acceptable to serve as a pre-dinner nibble

    The Returned

    New stylish drama on the block. Don’t miss

    Witty one-liner/punning Twitter accounts

    Getting boring now

    Summer leaves us prone to the ‘handbag causing dress to ride up on one side’ debacle

    It’ll be over soon, @mushenska; don’t panic

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