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Leicester City overkill

Yes we get it, it's lovely. But can we talk about something else now?

Online petitions

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The new Frozen

Artisan marshmallows


The word “artisan”


Discussing sourdough recipes

You buy it? Might as well wear a Burberry baseball cap

Getting the right shade of fake tan

“Just enough to stop my legs looking like something I dug up”

Travelling off-peak on rural branchline trains


Pointless gadgets made by start-ups

Usually no better than Innovations catalogue stuff

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    Chattering class: this week's ups and downs

    Nigella's halloumi and salad recipe

    She's let us - and herself - down

    People on Facebook doing "'like' if you remember Woolworths"

    It's too soon for this nostalgia, says @kloob. Quite right

    Worrying about what container to use for your work packed lunch

    Old Carte D'Or tubs are not OK

    Christmas lunch in pie form, as witnessed by @ginandcrumpets

    Not sure about this. Not sure at all

    House of Fraser's Christmas ad

    A bit too out there for our liking

    Boomf personalised marshmallows


    Personalised children's books


    Calling them 'roasties'

    Tiresome, especially in gastropubs. Jamie Oliver lingo is very old hat

    Being asked if you want your panini grilled

    Well, yes, obviously! 

    Christmas decorations on exterior of homes

    Lights: a few are OK. Flashing lights: no



    Advent calendars

    When did we all get so snooty? Chocolate ones are perfectly acceptable

    Being able to order 'the usual' in your daily coffee shop

    You can't force it. The staff have to take the lead. Can take years

    Christmas crockery

    Awful. Better to use plain china and dress up with festive napkins etc

    The smaller the poinsettia...

    The naffer it is. Go big or not at all

    Having a box of tissues in the car

    There's something lovely and thoughtful about this

    Marcus Wareing

    Doing a great job on MasterChef this year. He gets twinklier and twinklier

    People parking in front of your driveway and only moving if you ask

    Just not on

    Excessive announcements from train guards

    We're trying to read! Be quiet!

    Multiple Christmas trees

    No, says @cunarders: yes to proper decorated tree in main room, twig-like tree with just lights in secondary room



    Quality Street

    It's too soon for the first box of the season

    Mince pies

    Too soon for them, too, unless homemade for a school fair

    MasterChef's pig's trotter challenge

    A bit much

    Secret Life of Five-Year-Olds

    Those little monsters are just brilliant. Lovely teachers, too

    'Reach out'

    This has to stop

    Being told 'things' don't bring you lasting happiness

    Yeah, but what about things like the NutriBullet?

    Waitrose 'Heritage Collection' bath stuff

    We see what you're doing, and we're not biting

    'Excited for'

    This is creeping in and it's very worrying

    Over-hashtagging tweets

    #Notnecessaryorclever #Really #Annoying #Stop


    Back in, and we couldn't be happier


    Chattering Class: Cheers and Jeers

    Waitrose Christmas ad

    No use pretending this isn't exactly what we want Christmas to look like

    Tinder CEO's misuse of 'sodomy'

    Highly embarrassing

    Takeaway spending went up during Rugby World Cup

    And we're struggling to get back to home cooking, tbh

    'White' cappuccino

    The cool way to request a capu without chocolate

    Campylobacter in supermarket chickens

    It's hard to keep up with the advice on how concerned to be

    McDonald's secret 'Monster Mac'

    Will always be too ashamed to order it


    Just so good

    Having to order twice in a café, first with a barista, then at the till

    Really awkward and annoying


    Chattering Class

    Putting chocolate in the fridge

    Always pleasing

    Chelsea Flower Show

    Lovely as ever, but MC opinion divided about the WW1 garden

    The Cbeebies Prom

    Who needs Glastonbury?

    Hot Punch Nike Frees

    When did these become obligatory for MC school-run mums


    Can we stop this, please? It’s “Coleslaw”. Thank you.

    Frozen-themed children’s parties

    An MC epidemic: snow-effect cake decorations now sold out across the internet


    Somehow more appealing than a DM

    TNT delivery people

    Rubbish service, nice bikes

    Tyrion Lanister’s trial speech

    A great moment from a great MC hero


    Very interesting but does anyone really know how to pronounce Piketty?