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Prince Harry

Even republicans approve, surely?

Microwaving tea

Recommended by scientists, apparently. Disgusting

No televised election debates

Disappointing; we were rather looking forward to May vs The Sturge


Olivia Coleman = nailed-on Future National Treasure

Spring Bank holidays

Too close together! Very bad!


“I queued for THREE BLOODY HOURS at B&Q for a new recycling bin! The entire town’s in CHAOS”


To be listened to whole on a long journey for maximum effect

Using a proper paper map

Strangely satisfying

The “Flash” Flash ad

It’s back! Possibly the best ever singing dog in an advert ever

Crap tacos

Reheated, with too much chilli: middle-class kebabs, basically

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    Is the junior doctors dispute the middle-class miners strike?

    There's no doubt that the middle-classes are mostly behind the junior doctors, and one reason is that we recognise the work-politics.

    Clearly the doctors have an idiot, bulls***ing boss trying to “restructure” in ways that won't work, but will make everyone worse off. Who hasn't been there? It's a defining aspect of working life, so the idea of someone taking a stand is immensely appealing.

    Increasingly it feels like a symbolic stand against injustice we can all rally round; it has all the hallmarks of the 1984-5 miners strike, with fewer tricky arguments about economics.

    However, compared with the 80s miners, the middle classes are still getting the hang of this militancy business, and so in a very supportive way, we'd like like to make the following suggestions.

    1. Shrink the badges
      Call us superficial, but MCs like their badges small and tasteful, not saucer-size. Make them too big and they'll be put somewhere discreet, not on the chest where they need to be
    2. Get a slogan
      Remember Coal Not Dole? That was a memorable, assertive rallying cry. “I support the Junior Doctors” is very clear, of course, but not really something to bring folk to the barricades
    3. Be horrible about Jeremy Hunt more often
      It helps to have an enemy, and we all hate him because he reminds us of the worst boss we ever had. Sod not wanting to get into personalities, and get cracking on the effigies
    4. Be more concise
      The JDs are so good at explaining patiently and reasonably that their message can get lost. Be angry! We won't mind! In fact we'll really like it! Especially if there's also a good badge.

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