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    Swedish Dancing Lunch Hours: Why they’ll never catch on here

    It has been revealed that in some Swedish offices workers have shunned sitting at their desks munching on crispbreads in favour of dancing. Computers are shut down and music is played for a strict 60 minutes allowing employees to let down their hair and have a jig about. Looking at this in a positive way, perhaps it could be a great way to encourage more friendships between workers, or a way of having a bit of light hearted fun on an otherwise dreary day, or a useful way of squeezing a bit of exercise into a busy day, but I couldn’t help wondering how this idea would go down in middle class work places in Britain. It’s obviously one of those experiences that would throw the different tribes into relief, and I thought it might be interesting to consider in terms of some of our old friends.

    How would Britain’s MC tribes dance through their lunch hour?

    The Loft Wingers

    Would complain about the inferior sound quality due to the fact that the music is being played through someone’s laptop. Despite the fact that they haven’t actually used their own high tech turntable for ages, secretly preferring their Bose sound dock for ease, will claim that the music should be played on vinyl to create a more authentic sound. This will of course be their elaborate excuse to get them out of participating in the dancing.

    The Hornby Set

    They will complain about the music being too crass and mainstream. Will insist on bringing in their own music (probably world music, in order to educate the masses) which everyone else will dread and which will immediately destroy any happiness and enjoyment that people were feeling when they were listening to an old 80s compilation that that Dave in IT had brought in for a laugh.

    The Can-Do's

    Love it, love it, love it! Drive everyone else in the office insane by dancing too enthusiastically (and badly), and going around trying to drag everyone else onto the dance floor. Aggressively tell people who refuse to join in that they’re being boring.

    The Damn-Wrights

    Dismiss the idea as being ridiculous. He airs his views loudly and she agrees of course, and both refuse to join in and go out every lunchtime in protest.

    White Vain Man and No Sugar Babe

    He can’t understand what all the fuss is about - he always listens to the radio at work, although he wouldn’t mind seeing Kelly from accounts shaking her booty LOL. And No Sugar Babe loves it! It’s a chance to be a bit flirty with that bloke from HR, it gives her a chance to show off how sexy she is, AND it gives her the chance to burn off some of the calories from that glass of wine she had last night. Amaze!

    The Liberal Actuallys

    In public talk about what a great idea it is. In private, die inwardly at the mere thought of actually having to participate.

    Reader Comments (2)

    They tried this in the civil service in Thailand. It lasted about a week - bosses were too ashamed to cavort in front of their junior staff. PIty.

    August 10, 2012 | Unregistered Commenteracorn

    Sweden is a nice country and Swedish companies and music industry are in general very productive.

    August 20, 2012 | Unregistered Commenterholding company in Sweden

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