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Leicester City overkill

Yes we get it, it's lovely. But can we talk about something else now?

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The new Frozen

Artisan marshmallows


The word “artisan”


Discussing sourdough recipes

You buy it? Might as well wear a Burberry baseball cap

Getting the right shade of fake tan

“Just enough to stop my legs looking like something I dug up”

Travelling off-peak on rural branchline trains


Pointless gadgets made by start-ups

Usually no better than Innovations catalogue stuff

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    As the power of recommendation and distribution pass from mass media and shops to peer groups and file sharing, people who influence their mates have become extremely interesting to forward-thinking business. “File-giver” is the name sometimes given to the sort of person who sends you the new mp3s, jpegs, movies (a sub-group, “signposters” merely send the links). Vast amounts of time and money are spent working out ways of turning them into advocates for brands; in the future, some of them could become very rich.